Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drees Homes Review

Drees Homes is DISHONEST and has NO INTEGRITY.  DO NOT TRUST THEM!  I hired Drees Homes to build a house for me at Lakeside Park in Carmel, Indiana, 3 yrs ago. I have had many problems with the design, quality, and workmanship of the house (including a recurring mold issue in the bathroom ceiling) but that is not the story here.  The story is how Drees Homes lied to me and my neighbors, and now they refuse to do the right thing to fix it.

When I signed the contract with Drees to build my house in 2007, it was the 3rd of 18 total houses planned for the block that surrounds a 2.5-acre common area. Drees assured me that all of the houses to be built in the future would be of a similar standard, namely with brick on all four sides and 3-car side load garages, and they gave me a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) that in fact require all of the houses on the block to be of the similar standard.  The next 8 houses on my block were built to similar standards.  But now, in August of 2010, Drees has just finished a lower standard house next door to me that has brick only on the front and siding on 3 sides.  Drees is currently building a house two doors down from me that is even a lower standard  because of a 2-car front load garage and siding on 3 sides. The lower standard houses have lowered my property value permanently, and I believe Drees has violated the CCRs by building them. I have complained repeatedly to Drees that these 2 new houses are not of the same standard as mine (or my 9 other neighbors) but Drees has refused to upgrade these homes and fix the problem. Drees told me their lawyers have advised them that they are permitted to change the standard. I'm not a lawyer but I do know what they told me when I bought my house, and I do know this is DISHONEST and a deceptive business practive.  Drees LIED to me and has acted with NO INTEGRITY.  DO NOT TRUST THEM! 

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